Trekking Poles Guide

Hardy Hikers' Guide On How to Use Your New Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are used by hikers throughout the world. No matter what experience level hiker you are, trekking poles are extremely useful when used correctly. With that in mind, let's get started with your new poles.

1) How high should I adjust my trekking poles so they're ideal for my height?

A general rule of thumb is that your elbow should be at a 90 degree angle while holding your trekking poles. Similar to the following image:

Here is a general guideline for how high you should set your trekking poles:

Check out our video that shows you how to collapse or adjust your trekking poles by using the flip locks:

NOTE: When hiking at an incline, adjust the pole heights so the poles are slightly shorter to give you better rhythm and more propulsion. 

NOTE: When hiking at a decline, adjust the poles heights so the poles are slightly longer to give you better stability and reduce strain on your knees.

2) Are these trekking poles designed for specific terrains?

Our trekking poles are designed to be used on all terrains. In each order, you receive 4 rubber tips, 2 mud baskets, and 2 snow baskets. 

Rubber tips are great for rocky terrain. They help prevent slippage when going downhill. The rubber tips are also sometimes required on trails to prevent any kind of damage on hiking trails from the carbide tips.

The mud baskets prevent your poles from sinking deeply into muddy terrain while hiking. The mud baskets act as floatation devices to keep you above the mud. The mud baskets also reduce the amount of mud splashed onto your hiking apparel. 

The snow baskets are similar to the mud baskets because they prevent your trekking poles from going to deep into snow. These snow baskets also act as floatation devices to keep you above the snowline.

3) How do I grip the trekking poles?

Gripping your trekking poles the correct way is very important. By gripping correctly, you will prevent possible injuries to your wrists and also prevent losing your trekking poles if you were to slip or fall on the trail.


4)  How to Remove and Reattach Pole Straps

Watch this 2 minute video on how to remove and attach the pole straps.

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